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Can I visit MAN Family Wines?

No we don’t currently have a tasting room, but you can make an appointment with us to taste our wines at or contact +27 21 861 7712.

At MAN, we will make every possible effort to find a distributor close to you – feel free to call us on (+27) (0) 21  861 7712 or email us at for more information.

Can I buy MAN Family Wines online?
For delivery in South Africa:

For delivery in the USA:

If you are an online retailer and would like to be added to this page, please contact us at

Our farmers, grapes and eco credentials

Where do you source your grapes from?
We work with 30 farmers based in Paarl, Malmesbury, Durbanville and Agter-Paarl growing for us. The smallest farm has half a hectare of vines, the largest is more than 325 hectares. Almost 80% of the farms are not irrigated and 52% of the vineyards are not trellised (this contributes to the low yield of the vines). Why is low yield mentioned? Well, lower yields result in smaller grapes, which means a greater concentration of flavour.

What is unique about the Agter-Paarl area?
The low rainfall and ancient shale and decomposed granite soils produce wines that are distinctive and unique. Even though our area is quite dry, our farmers have planted 80% of their vineyards without supplemental irrigation: the shale soils have excellent water retention, slowly releasing enough water during the growing season to perfectly ripen the grapes. More than half of our vineyards are planted without trellising; combined with the low rainfall and dry-land farming, our area is a fairly low-yielding region, resulting in concentrated, flavourful and distinctive wines.

What about sustainability?
And because we care about more than just the grapes, our growers are all accredited as environmentally sustainable and socially responsible farmers by the South African Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) scheme and the South African Wine Industry Ethical Trade Association (WIETA). In other words, they're regularly audited to make sure that they're looking after the environment, their staff and themselves.

What are the growing conditions for grapes in Agter-Paarl?
The Agter-Paarl region has a Mediterranean climate with fairly low rainfall of 450mm per year. Our primary vineyards are located in a distinct basin of rocky, weathered shale soils. Because of the low rainfall, strict crop control is necessary to ensure properly ripe grapes.
Grape growing in our area is not for wimps. There is little rainfall, you have to be in tune with your vineyards. Too much crop or too much stress and you end up with grapes that can't ripen, or worse. But this is grape growing heaven for generations of our farmers. There are no large, tasteless grapes here. A little work on the vine makes for bold, concentrated flavour. Our old shale soils provide minerality and complexity. We try to keep it simple in the cellar and let the uniqueness of our area show through in the wines.

What about environmental responsibility?
All our grape growers are accredited as environmentally sustainable and socially responsible farmers by the South African Integrated Production of Wine System (IPW) and the South African Wine Industry Ethical Trade Association (WIETA). Our farmers have also set aside land for preservation: 1000 hectares of land protected from development, providing a safe haven for plant and animal life including the highly endangered geometric tortoise. Our vineyards fall within a sensitive ecological region, and our ratio of farmed to conserved land is something about which we are extremely proud.

What is the climate in the Agter-Paarl area like?
This is a warm wine-growing region with fairly low annual rainfall (about 450mm per year on average). The bulk of the rain falls during the winter months. The climate is similar to Paso Robles in California or southern France.


Is this a new winery?
We’ve been around since 2001.

Is MAN a big winery?
MAN Family Wines produce about 250,000 cases each year.

Who is the winemaker?
Riaan Möller is our winemaker.

Where is the Agter-Paarl region?
The Agter-Paarl region is a large basin situated between Paardeberg Mountain, Paarl Mountain and Durbanville.

What are the soils like in the Agter-Paarl region?
What makes it particularly special for winemaking is the soil that produces small grapes, concentrated with flavour. You’ll find two types of soil here: decomposed granite and Malmesbury shale. Decomposed granite is a lighter soil type that works well for early season cultivars and the granite gives minerality to the wines. Malmesbury shale is a dense soil type with a large clay component that has good water retention ability, so it is very suitable for later ripening varieties.

If I've never had MAN before, which wine should I start with?
Our fans can't get enough of our Chenin Blanc and our Cabernet Sauvignon, so you know that choosing either of these will be a very safe choice.

What is MAN all about anyway?
MAN Family Wines is all about straightforward value-for-money. We focus on one region, sourcing grapes from the same farmers every year. We like to make wines that we ourselves would love to buy (and drink).

Why MAN? Or, where does the name come from?
It all started out as a bit of a joke: we wanted to name the winery after our wives (Marie, Anette, Nicky) and decided to call it MAN. The name works for us though: we sell in a lot of markets where English is not the first language where "MAN" is recognisable and understood. It is easy to pronounce, and after all, Africa is the cradle of MAN!

Who is MAN?
MAN Family Wines is a small team of guys with backgrounds in fine wine who are applying their expertise to produce a value-for-money range of wines with fine wine credentials.
Jose Condé (Stark-Condé Wines)
Tyrrel Myburgh (Joostenberg Wines)
Group of 30 farmers in Agter-Paarl

How long do MAN wines keep?
The MAN Family Wines range is made to be enjoyed right now. White wines in screwcaps should last for 2-3 years (even longer), red wines in screwcaps should last up to 5 years or more.


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